Tea is such a simple thing that brings joy to people. We're excited to share our love for tea with you all and begin this journey of crafting amazing blends for us to experience together. Wallflower Infusions was created in 2023 out of a love for tea, new experiences, and most importantly a desire to heal. When you love something you want to experience as much of it as you can to learn all there is to learn about it. You look to understand what makes it what it is. You also look within to see what keeps you so infatuated with it. 
Wallflower Infusions is the embodiment of that work. We became so immersed in tea that we wanted to recreate the things we loved about it to share with others.  All of this is done in hopes that our daily contribution to the world is a positive one. It's fulfilling to know that you helped someone or something feel love and positivity. When you're full and abundant, you're able to pour into those who need it most.
The mission of Wallflower Infusions is to ensure everyone's cup is always full of warmth and love, so they can share it with the world around them. Many people are struggling to keep going. We understand the need to feel love, a warm embrace, or even hear kind words; even if they come from a stranger. Whether it be emotional healing, navigating the obstacles of life, or just finding the strength to get through the day. Simple words or gestures can reshape a person's entire perspective. 
Tea is just the beginning of our journey! We hope to keep your glasses full as you join us on this quest to create natural products to improve the daily lives of everyone!
  • We hope that our products can function as a positive affirmation. 
  • We hope that our products can become a healthy alternative for those who rely on harmful substances to keep going. 
  • We hope that our products can promote healing through natural and herbal remedies.
  • We appreciate your support and thank you for joining us on this journey.
    Sending you love and warmth in every cup.